Are Pedometer Watches Available in The Netherlands?

No matter if you are a professional jogger or just an occasional hiker, you probably know what a pedometer is. If you don’t, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Pedometers are devices that measure the number of steps you take, whether you are running or walking. They can help you know how many steps you’ve made and some might estimate how many calories you’ve lost during your activity. While they cannot properly measure the distance you’ve passed, they can be very beneficial for your walking habits. 

While some pedometers might be a bit clumsy to carry around and you can forget them, the newest devices are pedometer watches (or stappenteller horloges in Dutch) – a special type of smart watches that you can carry around everywhere you go while measuring your steps!

Are Pedometer Watches Available in the Netherlands?

Netherlands is a large country with many hikers. Pedometer watches are not just available, but rather popular in Netherlands. They are used by many Dutch residents to help them count the steps they have taken every day. 

There are many brands of pedometer watches available inside Netherlands. Some of them well known, such as YAMAY or iTouch. Others, such as Garmin or 3DFitBud, are yet to become household names.

Why Are Pedometer Watches Popular?

We’ve already mentioned that pedometer watches are easy to carry around and you aren’t likely to forget them before your hike. However, pedometers can help you with your walking habits, which is another reason why many prefer them.

They can help you value every step you take and motivate you to walk extra distances. Also, as they measure steps, not distances, they might better estimate how much calories you’ve burned and how beneficial your entire walk was. As they measure movements with accelerometers, they can help you track your movement-based fitness more accurately than any other device. 

In fact, most modern pedometer watches come with an altimeter. In other words, they can help determine whether you are walking on a flat surface, going downhill, or up to an incline. If burning calories is your priority, this is a rather important feature.

Finally, they can be very fun even for novice hikers that don’t have any particular goal. Counting steps can be an interesting way to see how much you’ve walked. Some pedometers even have additional accessories that can help you have a more interesting fitness experience. Overall, they are fun devices that serve a unique purpose. All hikers love to have them around.

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