Benefits of Having a Bird House in your Yard

As the designation implies, a birdhouse (popularly known as a nest box, birdbox) is a structure that is designed to keep birds. However, these home-like enclosures exist in wide varieties, each suiting a particular species of birds. In essence, a typical birdbox suitable for a small-sized species may be uncomfortable for a medium-sized bird. The idea of equipping a birdhouse for your yard or garden is crucial if you intend to attract these creatures around. Since these birds are part of the entire ecosystem, the desire to keep them implies the benefits of having a birdhouse in your yard.

Although the primary point of one buying a birdbox is to attract these birds to come to build their nests inside and stay, some other factors define the essence of having a bird box in your yard. In this the post, we shall discuss some more benefits of having the best birdhouses around.

Benefits of Bird Houses

Pests around your home are reduced: You may find it more favourable when you instead attract bug-eating birds to your garden than buying expensive and harmful pesticides. Just by having one or two birdhouses around, you get to observe how the presence of birds serves as an excellent pest control initiative. This particular point serves as good news for gardeners. 

Unwanted weeds are eliminated: Since weeds tend to inhibit the growth of desirable plants in our gardens or yards, we all try to ensure that their growth is controlled drastically. Birds find weeds relatively beneficial because they both consume them and use them for building their nests. In essence, birds find plants very useful while we find them completely useless, so it’s an apparent win-win. 

They aid flower pollination: It is essential that your flowers undergo pollination; otherwise, the aim of yielding fruits become defeated. The transfer of pollen grains from one flower to another is common among certain insects, but birds also contribute to the process. Birds such as hummingbirds, spiderhunters, and honeyeaters are the most prevalent species that sip nectar from flowers and help pollinate.

Bird conservation is enhanced: With some of the extreme methods used explicitly in agricultural production, many birds find it challenging to keep a secure home. Consequently, individual birds tend to rely on human-made structures for safety and shelter. As naturally available spaces decline, birdhouses have now become of great importance to the survival of birds; they are provided with a place to rest and raise their young ones. 

They improve property values: One benefit of having a birdhouse in your house that may be unacknowledged is the value it adds to your home. A well-maintained home that is structured with decent landscaping for attracting birds might go a long way in enhancing property value. 

Bottom line: It is undeniable that installing coops in your garden or yard can offer many exciting benefits, whether as a gardener, birdkeeper, or mere lover of birds. There are several types of birdhouses in the market, and it only takes a matter of personal taste and ethical decision-making to get the right one. Here’s the resource we found the information from

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