Camping in Modern Life

Camping is an age old family activity that has stood the test of time, remaining one of the traditional and most popular holiday getaways to undertake as a family. Even throughout the surge of the internet, computers and game consoles, camping has fortified its position as the go-to escape adventure. 

It has become more evident in the current climate, with AI robots cleaning our houses, tablets stealing our children’s attention and Netflix destroying our brains, in that a trip into the wilderness is just what the doctor ordered. 

Getting out into the countryside and building a campsite as a group has got to be one of the most satisfying practices and creates strong bonds between friendship groups and families. But of course, some camping trips are not for the feint hearted and come packed with a whole host of pitfalls, dangers and annoyances along the way, to add some flavor to the trip.

If you asked 100 families what was the most stressful part of their camping trip, you will get a resounding 99% answer, the pitch. Arriving at the campsite after a long car journey, unpacking everything and then getting to work erecting a tent with little to no instructions, is a nightmare, period. 

The industry took its sweet time, but it did inevitably answer this problem with an exciting solution. Cue the pop up tent, a fast pitch tent that’s whole premise is to ease the headache of the setup and pack-up of camping. 

Manufactured with a coiled spring within the framework, they literally burst to life when thrown in the air, folding outwards into position almost immediately. You then just tie them down with tent stakes and guy lines and that’s pretty much it done. The Coleman pop up tent does an excellent job at pushing this whole movement of instant tents and has brought them into the forefront of the industry. 

Until now, the modern day, they stand at the top of the tent markets with great pricing and unbelievable value given the camping issues they solve so effortlessly. 

They are just as easy to pack away, a bit challenging for a newbie indeed, but once you get to grips with how the coil folds back down into place, you will have no trouble folding the tent back down in under a minute. Slide it into its portable carry case and jobs done, toss it in the boot and go home. 

It really is this simple and with the popularity of worldwide music festivals around the globe such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Woodstock and Summefest, you can imagine what product enabled the younger generation to have a safe and waterproof shelter. Additionally without having to use any brain cells in its assembly. Yep, you guessed it, the pop up tent. 

So if you were thinking of taking the little ones and your nearest and dearest on your next outdoor adventure, strongly consider lightening the load (and the stress) with a pop up camping tent. 

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